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Agronomy   &   Farm management

My job is to help agricultural businesses generate profits.

I can :

‐ maximize productivity.

‐ minimize costs.

‐ ensure steady supply of   produce.

‐ improve quality.

‐ prevent risk of pesticides   residues.

I achieve this through :
  • Hands-on activity in the farm,  monitoring the crops,  training supervisors and workers, medium/long term planning,  overseeing day-to-day operations (soil preparation, planting, fertilizers application, pesticide spray, etc).
  • Human resources leadership\management.   Operations rely on people and is vital to:
     1) Listen,  2) Empower,  3) Put the right people in the right position.
  • Crop nutrition management,   taking into account the nutritional needs of the crops in their different cycle phases  and considering the chemical characteristics of soil, irrigation water and fertilizers.
    Also implementation of strategies to improve irrigation water (pH, Salinity)
  • Crop protection management,   aiming to protect the crops avoiding pesticide residues, taking into account residuality and toxicity of molecules and their impact on natural enemies,  putting in place all possible preventing measures,  using biological measures whenever possible.
  • Planting programs,  always in liaison with the marketing department.
  • Experimentation\trials of new technical strategies and new varieties.
  • Levelling & Drainage implementation.

Either managing a farm or providing technical support to a group of farms.

Always in a sustainable way,  both socially and environmentally.