Extensive experience in providing technical support and guidance to farms, cooperatives, trading companies :

    • Hands-on activity in the field monitoring crops, training, advising on all operations (soil preparation, planting, fertigation, crop protection, harvesting, etc).
    • Crop nutrition management, taking into account the specific nutritional needs of the crops and the chemical properties of soil, irrigation water, fertilizers, with the goal to maximize productivity and quality while at the same time minimize costs.
    • Crop protection management, taking into account molecules toxicity, residuality and impact on natural enemies    and    putting in place IPM strategies, with the goal to protect the crops while at the same time minimize risks of pesticide residues.
    • Trials and implementation of technical innovations.
    • Food safety - Implementation and managing of procedures required by costumers and by international standards like Global GAP, Tesco Nurture, etc.
    • Traceability System.
    • Coordination of groups of growers into a market driven Planting Program.
    • Procurement of fresh produce.     Quality Control.