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Personal History

    I grew up in a rural area in Southern Italy.
    I have been in the farm since I was a kid  -when school was off-   planting,  weeding,  picking, etc.    And also sometimes, with my grandfather, to the big city general market,  learning the first things about vegetables & fruits market dynamics.

    Later on,    once achieved my Master Degree in Agriculture,   after a period of technical experiences in several places,   I settled in Latina province,    a well known area in the fresh produce industry,    providing my service to large mechanized farms and farmers groups with modern packhouses that supply Italian, German and British supermarket chains.

    This for about 15 years,  until 2011,  when I moved to Kenya.

    Kenya is my second Country.   I am integrated, connected and at home.

    Beside being a production man with farming hands-on attitude,  I have been also comfortably exposed to environments like Banks, Law Courts, Local Governments, Corporate Boards.

    It is also worth mentioning a few work-related experiences in UK, Egypt, Spain.

    My job is to help agricultural businesses generate profits.

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