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Business Planning

I can provide a financially comprehensive Business Plan,  that reports:

-Factors of production needed
  (land, infrastructures, machinery, irrigation system, human resources, imputs).

-Production expected.

-Cost of production,  including amortizations and other in-direct costs.

The Business Plan will show the needed initial investment and the expected Revenue at the end of  year 1,  year 2,  year 3, etc.

Thanks to concrete experience on the field combined with economic skills,  I can analize any aspect of the business and address to effective technical choices that maximize financial results.
Figures utilized for the Business Plan (crops productivity, costs, market prices)  are always very prudential.  Predictions are cautious.  Results shown are realistically achievable.

Why a Business Plan is so important :

When starting (or expanding) a farm,  you need to know where you are headed,  means what you can do with the available capital,  or,  viceversa,  wich capital you need to put in production a certain area of land \ achieve a certain volume of produce per year.

Starting without a plan is extremely dangerous,  as you may risk to drain capitals and get stuck along the way before those capitals are recovered.

This,  either you are operating with you own money or you are borrowing money from a Bank. Actually,   in the case of asking money to a Bank,   a proper Business Plan will help obtain the loan,  as the Bank needs to know the risk of insolvency before to lend the money.
Same if claiming for a grant from government or international organizations:  the donor need to know if the money will lead to what aimed.