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Land use planning & Territory zoning

- Experienced in consulting local governments when policying on these matters.

- Experienced as member of PUA Commission, City of Terracina, Italy

- Experienced in elaboration of PUAs

A PUA is a technical-economic report that goes together with the construction project in order to obtain construction permit for houses and farm buildings in agriculture zones.

New policies in some Regions of Italy see the construction permit no longer based on the area of land owned, but in accord to the economical activity that take place in that lot of land.

The building rights in the agricultural zone, therefore, is no longer a numerical concept but it is related to the specifical type of activity with its needs of buildings and its manpower requirement and income output (a business plan is an integrated part of a PUA).

To elaborate a PUA is important to have knowledge of economy of agriculture business combined with a solid experience on the field. It is important, for example, to know, for a given product, the zones of production, the average productivity, the average requirement of manpower, the possible market outlet, the average price in the different moment of the year, the production cost items. It is also important to know the average needs of buildings in a farm according to the type of production, the needs of space for machines, storage, handling of produce, etc.